AFC, Inc. was established in 1992, however, Vice President Ernest Ladner began in 1971 as a framing contractor and then in general construction in 1984. Mr. Ladner is hands-on in the field. He serves as project manager as well as contractor on all of our jobs. Working side by side with job superintendents, he oversees day-to-day activities, coordinating scheduling of trades and making inspections. His entire workday is spent on job-sites, not in an office; thereby assuring job performance and quality specifications, insuring material and contract obligations are being met by sub-contractors.


CEO Vonnie Ladner studied architectural design in college. She has served on several associations boards, including the local homebuilders association, as a state director and regional vice-president. On the national level of the Homebuilders Association, she served on the Construction Code Committee until 2003. In 2002, she became State President of The Homebuilders Assn. of Mississippi for a one-year term. Mrs. Ladner personally oversees the day to day operations of the projects. Her duties are comprised of estimating project cost, directing office staff, financials, obtaining bonding, reviewing and obtaining insurance policies, meeting with the design team to insure designs are applicable to the project and owners decisions, confirming subcontractor bids as per specifications and drawings, confirming placement of the installation of goods to be incorporated in the building and serve as owners’ liaison at City Council and Planning Commission meetings for variances, etc.


Vonnie Ladner, CEO


Rick Hodges, President


Ernie Ladner, Vice President


Himanshu Makwana, Senior Vice President


Kendall Meggs, Project Manager


Chad Ladner, Project Coordinator


Brooke Ladner, Project Coordinator


Clark Schofield, Project Coordinator


Kathleen Mills, Office Manager